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For English Reader
Hello everyone, I hope you are well.
This challenge is for the aviation enthusiast indeed, your task is to reproduce a plane of a specific year.
All is allowed in condition that it respects the rules. Reproduction will happen every 2 weeks.
For those interested, please let me know about this forum.
The winner will have chosen according to several criteria.
However there will be 3 winners
-a) most beautiful reproduction
-b) it flies well as in real life
-c) a beautiful use of the pieces or an ingenious way of use the pieces (originality)

For the first competition
1- A WWII fighter plane or still in service (1939-1945)
2- The Fighter plane understands
-a) light fighter plane
-b) average fighter plane
-c) heavy fighter plane
-d) attacker (like the IL2)
3- The fighter plane can be from any nation.
4- All fighter plane can import stage of development whether experimental or otherwise are allowed.
5- When delivering to a custom discord channal for this purpose you must note the name, the source as well as the mods used. the discord -> https://discord.gg/DuTCgpK
6- All mods are allowed.
7- Amuse you well!
8- date of delivery: Sunday March 18, 2018 or Monday, March 19, 2018

For other question contacted me about discord in MP